Herniated happenings: strange things going on.

July 20th was the date of my hernia diagnosis and since then I have ran, cycled, practiced yoga and lifted very light weights without any problem completing two marathons and completing my cycling target for the year in the process!

I am writing this on the 24th November so 18 weeks since the diagnosis and “things” are happening. Originally told by the doctor to do what you do till it hurts it has started hurting. I lost two training days this weekend and have cut a few sessions short. Biking and the light weight sessions are ok. More yoga poses are causing problems but running is the main problem even on sealed surfaces.

So the strange things, in no particular order: hernia swelling is getting larger and is now hard rather than soft.

Pain in middle and top of the abdomen without any trigger to set it off.

Excess gas and increased visits to the toilet.

I gave my doctor a call and have an appointment with him tomorrow which is when I shall complete this blogpost.

Well shockeroony as they say in Scotland. The doc is going to get in touch with the surgeons and see if I can get moved up the list, in the meanwhile no running for me! Cycling is ok for the time being however I shall limit it to turbo or road cycling.

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