Weather, website and Weblog.

Taking this chance to update the blog as my planned 50 miler on the road bike has been shot or should that be snowed from under me.  It’s not unusual to have snow in Scotland in April but this is nearly May and in Fife where I live we usually miss the worst of it but we didn’t last night.

I like being in this business.  It’s the look of incredulity on a clients face when you take them on a ride in an area they have lived in and they see it from a different perspective or see something they never knew existed.  Giving them a new experience, recently I have had two clients that had never taken a bike on a train before and did not believe it could be so simple.  They are the good bits last night though was “books” night not too onerous but something that has to be done.

As a counterbalance to the boring bits I finalised the Summer rides programme for the website, the majority of them have been posted but, as it is still crappy out there I will have some unplanned time on my hands to finish it off today.  So if you have some unplanned time a wee break at your desk maybe or just want to dream about being on your bike take a look at Book a tour give me some feedback or simply spread the word about this blog and the tours. Next big event for SBT is the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling (EdFoC) 9-19 Jun.  There are tours before then and if you wanted to fit one in I will be happy to help.

In 2013 I completed a LEJOG and of course did a blog.  Now the blog is going to be resurrected by ukcycle chat on thier web site.  Take a look see what you think if you have any questions or want me to come along to a group to talk about it get in touch.


The way forward?

With social media one would think that advertising is sorted-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.  Professional networks such as Linked in.

I spent Saturday at LBS, Leslie Bike Shop, as it happens my Local Bike Shop of choice.  Andy Hain the owner had thrown the doors open and had an amazing array of deals on offer.  I had asked if it was OK for me to turn up and wander around in my SBT sweat shirt touting for business.  The shop was open from 9-5.  I got on my bike and headed to the shop arriving at 9:30 to an already buzzing compound.

Leaving some leaflets on the shop counter and in the smallest room I began to wander around the compound and shop talking about the tours and cycling in general, the big advantage over social media of course the interaction, immediate response and the body language of direct conversation beating social media hands down.

So what is the way forward social media due to the reach available or one on one conversation?

I think for new businesses it is a mix of both.  Spreading the word on the ground locally to like minded individuals and local clubs but also getting the word out to a wider audience which might also be interested in doing business.