Final full week of exercise and some bad news.

Lets start with the bad news then everything after that will be positive…..mainly!

I have just been informed that the Transalba 2 has been postponed to next year. This was to be my first ultracycling race and my main focus for the year. Although I am disappointed the news came just in time to avoid me spending cash on a new bike!

Like most recreational athletes I sit and lay down goals for the year. The most basic of which is a running and cycling mileage target. Now as I haven’t run since November that goal is fairly redundant and once I recover from my op I shall revisit that target and revise it. At the moment however I am ahead of my cycling target and just as well as I suspect I shall be off the bike for a few days!!

Normally I would go at things hell for leather but this hernia just will not have it so I have continued to be rather risk averse and as well as being quite laid back in my training approach I have been avoiding crowds whenever I can. Now, having had my Covid test I am in strict self isolation. The op is less than 24 hours away so I have scheduled in a non training day to allow food prep, cleaning and packing an overnight bag in case it is required.

Optimism however is my middle name and I have booked a room for my W marathon and am beginning to plot my recovery strategy the final draft of which will wait until I chat with the hospital staff. One thing for sure I do not want to have to return to hospital because I could not wait a week to get out there again.


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