Five days on from op.

I am writing this on Sunday 7th March. It has been five days and a handful of hours since I was wheeled out of theatre having undergone open inguinal hernia repair surgery under a general anaesthetic. My last stay in a hospital was an emergency appendectomy and to say I was feeling apprehensive about this op would be a slight understatement. I knew it was a routine op all the paperwork I had from the NHS and the people I spoke to assured me “it will be fine” and guess what? It was.

It was better than fine from registering at the hospital to being escorted to my transport home everyone was first class I cannot thank them enough.

After the op I was left to come to and then fed toast, tea and biscuits. Pretty soon after that I was up and going to the toilet and by 530 pm I was home.

Since then my recovery has gone in leaps and bounds each day when I wake I do a self check and I can feel my body getting stronger and healing. Each day I can perform another task. Now five days after the op the only dressing task I cannot do is tie my right shoe lace. Other household tasks are obviously out of reach too but some of the simpler ones I can tackle. I walk daily and have walked about 16 miles this week. Slowly but surely feeling stronger there too. It will still be over a week before I can think about getting on the turbo but it will come.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


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