Day 11 EdFoC 

My first EdFoC was to end as it had begun, on a grey, dry and calm day in the company of Jules and Martyn.  The route today was taking us down to the shore at Leith, along the South side of the Forth, across the Forth Road Bridge and onto the Fife Coastal Path which we would follow to Kirkcaldy.

We waited at the Parliament for a third rider who had expressed an interest but with a no show we left about 10 mins late and headed for London Road.  Our route took us through relatively empty city centre streets down to the shore eventually leading to Cramond foreshore.  The route then went through Dalmeny estate and South Queensferry and over the FRB.  It was interesting to see a section of the bridge being hoisted into position.

We headed down into North Queensferry for a tea break and a seat by the shore before continuing east on the Fife Coastal Path.   Jules and Martyn handles the mixed surfaces of the FCP well and in no time we were winging it along Kirkcaldy prom and up the the train station.  Well done JUles and Martyn.


Day 10 EdFoc

No rain today unfortunately no riders either.  Headed out on the Forth and 3 bridges route to try a cycle path I had not used before so not a totally wasted day!  Bumped into a friend of mine who is now into hand cycling.

Two confirmed riders for tomorrow with another possible we shall have to wait and see.

Day 8 EdFoC

As I pedalled down the Royal Mile in the worsening rain I held little hope that the expected rider, Alice, would turn up for today’s Innocent Railway and Pentlands tour.  I was really surprised when not 1 but 2 riders approached me to go on the tour.  After introductions we set off on the road to the cycle path through Holyrood park and towards Innocent Tunnel.

Although wet there was no wind and the air temp was mild so the day could have been worse.  We set out at quite a pace and in no time were using the Facilities in a Dalkeith café and tucking into hot drinks and some food.  After a brief dry out we set off again, a little easier pace through Dalkeith and out towards Auchendinny and Glencorse.

Coming down the cycle path by the A702 Alice took a little spill but was up in no time and pedalling towards Flotterstone and the Pentlands Park.

When we approached Maidens Cleugh it was evident that the rain had taken a toll on the path and we decided to walk up to the summit.  The descent was taken carefully as was the road down into Currie.

The rain had now stopped and the temperature gauge at the counter at the canal basin informed us that it was 15 degrees!  I left two wet, muddy and happy ladies by the quayside as I headed to Haymarket for my train to Kirkcaldy.

Day 7 EdFoC

Woooo a day off today however Carol and I still headed for Edinburgh and the King of Kaimes hill climb.

I hadn’t been on my Ridley Orion in over two weeks and my last race was in March so to say I was a bit rusty was an understatement!

We arrived at the start early and I was second to register which meant I was second off at 30 secs past 1 min past 7 accurate or what!

Kaimes Road is a residential street in Costorphine Edinburgh and rises 213 ft in less than .4 of a mile.  The stats according to Strava, an av of 6.9 mph and 232w unofficial time 3:28.  A hard 3:28 but really too short to love or hate.

The event is organised by Harts Cyclery and you can enter on the night or by text, call or e mail.  It costs £5 and includes food and drink at the post event BBQ.

One for the diary next year and I might even do some training for it!

Day 6 EdFoC

I awoke to a blue sky and sunlight streaming through the curtains by the time I was up, dressed and fed the skies were grey and cloudy.

I was expecting 1 client today Eva from Hong Kong she had cancelled due to weather on Sunday and had asked to come out today her last chance before heading to Skye.

We headed off under a foreboding sky and were soon pedalling along Cramond foreshore and the first of many photostops.  We took the whole ride at an easy pace with Eva stopping and snapping away at once stage she asked if it was ok?  I replied of course holidays are made of memories.

We stopped for lunch at S Queensferry and after a pleasant repast came out to wet streets, wet saddles and a drizzle.  Eva had a time constraint but was quite happy to cut the route short at any of the stations along the Fife Coastal Path.  We crossed the Bridge and headed through N Queensferry and onto the FCP.  By this time it was after 3and Eva elected to get the train from Inverkeithing a decision perhaps helped by the worsening rain!

I put her and her cycle on the train and waved them off.


Well done Eva 22 miles and 1100 ft of climb.



Day 5 EdFoC

Another dull and damp day and although it was raining when I left Fife it had stopped in the Capital.  I had one client booked for the tour so I headed to the Parliament with high hopes of taking someone on a tour.

I skulked about at the front of the Parliament building and at 1025 was joined by Mark an Army musician based in Edinburgh.  He had been to other EdFoC events and as this was his last chance for a day off had decided to come on this tour.  After itroductions we headed through the park and into the Innocent Tunnel.

He was a runner more than a cyclist so we took it nice and easy most of the ride with two stops for food and drink.  He enjoyed the descent down into Currie and says he will go back and try it on his road bike!  We parted company just before the basin and Mark headed home and I headed for the station.