The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling programme is now available online and if you can track one down in hard copy.( http://www.edfoc.org.uk)

I have been trawling events and have seen a few I will be trying to get tickets for some I can’t attend because I will be guiding and others I have seen or plan on doing outside the Festival.

I have been getting calls and texts about bookings and some firm bookings already and with 33 days to go I am hopeful of getting a lot more!




Local meander on trails.

What does a bike guide do when he isn’t guiding a ride??

Easy he goes riding with his SOSAD(significant other sharing a diary) and best buddy Carol.

Carol is off on a Wednesday and we often spend the day together getting up to something or other and it often involves cycling.  A few weeks ago we put the bikes on the train and went to Edinburgh but we did have a purpose today’s ride was just that a ride on our mountain bikes just because we could and of course a planned lunch break.

We set off with a vague idea of where we wanted to go, a café already picked and a time we had to be back for.  Suffice to say we achieved all 3-a nice 16 mile loop almost totally off road with trails that we both had not been on before.  We had a great lunch at The Lemon Tree in Mountfleurie a café we had been meaning to visit for some time but hadn’t had the opportunity.  We were home a bit late but just 30 mins and had really enjoyed our ride together.