Rapha 500.

The Rapha Festive 500 first appeared in 2010 and is a cycling challenge on Strava sponsored by Rapha the cycle clothing manufacturer. It is not something I have considered doing before but, in 2020, I thought it might be a good way to finish the year and take something positive into 2021. So what is it?

The Rapha 500 is a cycling challenge and to complete it you have to ride 500Km (311 miles) between Christmas eve and Hogmanay, eight days. Those among you adept at arithmetic will have figured out the daily mileage required is 62.5Km or 38.87 miles. Not a great mileage but if like me you are an ordinary cyclist with appointments, work, family and other concerns, getting out at this time of the year is the real challenge. I only decided to sign up last night (3rd Dec) I went onto strava signed up for the challenge and joined the Rapha club. Let me just say I do not endorse Rapha the kit is too expensive and I do not own any of it. I understand from posts on the Rapha club that prizes can be won and that in previous years some sort of a cloth patch was awarded but that is not happening this year and a few folks are really concerned about it. In it’s 11th year the biggest change is allowing virtual miles to be included. Again from the posts on the Rapha site this has divided opinion and where as I would definitely prefer to complete the full distance outdoors safety wise this might just not be advisable.

Deciding to do this so late has meant that there is not a lot of time to train so I have decided to begin a 5 day streak, tomorrow Friday 4th, which will be bookended with 60 milers on days when I have nothing happening and the three days between when I have a mix of festive events and work will vary between 10 and 30 miles aiming for 170 miles (275 Km) over the five days. Hopefully this will get me a good grounding for the days to follow and then for the challenge.

Its late now and with snow forecast the plan might change right from day one!! Catch you later. If you are doing/ have done the challenge let me know. If you think its a load of rubbish get in touch.

Bye bye for now!!

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