A tale of two networks

Network one the easy to use cheap and almost efficient rail network we have in Scotland.  Does as this come as a surprise?  The only gripe is the number of bike spaces already too few which are going to be cut further on some services.  Cost really is down to being aware of how NOT to pay full price.  I have two rail cards a two together card when I travel with my SOSAD Carol which reduces the fares by 30% and an over 50 card for when I am travelling alone this reduces the fare by 20%.  None of those cards can be used during peak times but hey so what.   So we found ourselves using network one to take us to network two and out cycle for the day.  Read on………

Network two is the National Cycle Network we took the train to Dunfermline Queen Margaret and got onto NCN 764 the West Fife cycle route.   

We were travelling to Alloa to meet some ex colleagues of mine for some lunch then cycle back a round trip of 32 miles with  about 1200 ft of climb.  

The route follows an old rail line for most of the way and is well surfaced with several waymarked exits taking you to towns along the way.  It would be possible to do an almost circular route by heading south and along the Forth from Culross to North Queensferry and get the train back.  Today though was just an out and back with a break for food.  The ride out took us about 1:30 with some delay for a bit of route finding but in general it was well marked as evidenced on the way back when we managed back without a hitch.

Another good day on the Velo just a short (£3.20) train ride away.

If you enjoy this blog spread the word.  The website for Scottish bike touring is http://www.scottishbiketouring.com Join me for a tour.

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