The shackles are off!

Wooooo freedom. Well the Ridley is off the turbo so a wee bit more freedom. Whilst half my county was still a white wonderland I unshackled my Ridley Orion from the turbo and hit the roads.

Albeit I was the cycling equivalant of a Sunday driver but just getting out on skinny tyres, on the road and feeling the wind thru the vents of my helmet was great.

Great but hard work. I wanted to attack everything and I found my legs wanting. So my Sunday spin out became a Sunday spin. Roads I had pushed hard on previously were taken at a more sedate pace and I saw rather than looked at the things around me. The new growth springing forth from the ground, snowdrops poking tenuously from bankings and fresh green growth of which I knew nothing other than it heralds the oncoming spring.

I had planned my ride so it was on predominately main roads as I was still slightly wary of icy patches throwing me from my Belgian steed. Traffic was low and reasonably well behaved on my short loop even on the roads I was travelling. I turned for home as the temperature began to drop and the skies began to darken. Unlike my mood which had risen considerably since I clipped in!


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