Recce of John Muir Way

I have long wanted to do the JMW not the American one but the C2C route in Scotland.  Born in Dunbar John Muir (1838-1914) left Scotland in 1849 for America.  If it hadn’t been for an accident which blinded the young Muir we may not have had the JMT or JMW he was so happy to regain his sight that he decided to follow his dreams and the rest as they say is history!

Bikeable in four days (134 miles) with B & B’s and rail stations all along the route it is one of the longer trips I intend offering to clients.  I start my recce next Friday and although the traditional direction would be West to East I have decided at least on this occasion to go East to West and will be doing the Dunbar to Edinburgh stretch.   Watch this blog for news of how it went.

If you, or anyone you know, are considering touring in Scotland get in touch.  Please follow and share this blog for an insight to my tours and to Scotland.


SBT at EdFoC

The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling is in Scotland’s capital in June and Scottish Bike Touring will be there!

I will be guiding 2 tours on alternate days the details of which along with video clips can be found at   Rides cost £20pp are 30 miles long and you should expect to take 5 hours.  Please check the SBT FB and website out and share with friends.

A full list of events at EdFoC can be found at

Ride recce and website hits the airwaves.

Friday the 5th February I set off from Kirkcaldy station bound for Edinburgh and a route recce through the city and along both sides of the Forth back to Kirkcaldy.

I had done almost all the route in parts but had never put it together into one ride.  Accompanied by another rider we headed off from Waverley down to the Scottish Parliament and onwards to the shore.  We followed the shore along to Cramond and then up and back down the River Almond.  Coming into South Queensferry the 2 complete bridges and the new crossing were visible and made a great site.  Crossing the Road bridge we started along the Fife Coastal Path through Inverkeithing, Dalgety Bay and onwards to the finish at Kirkcaldy.  Thirty five miles with 2000 ft of climb.


The website is now online http// and a montage of video clips of the ride is visible there.

Scottish Bike Touring will be offering two rides at EDFOC a short clip of the other ride is also available on the site.

SBT tours

Scottish Bike Touring shall be offering 2 very different types of tours.  On one hand there will be the traditional ride designed by SBT travelled very frequently and at a fixed cost such as:  The Kelpies and canal tour in Central Scotland, the Five Ferries ride in W Scotland inc Bute and Arran and the Forth and 3 bridges a point to point ride utilising the great rail links between Fife and Scotland’s capital.

The other type of ride is a tailored ride.  This is chosen by you but organised and if required led by SBT.  If you want to visit a certain area say to look up your family tree you give us the area, how far you want to cycle, surface, accommodation type  and speed and we will do the rest.  The cost of a tailored tour is different as there is a lot of variables.

SBT will be open for business in March.  Spread the word, better still come along for a ride!!

Waverley to Haymarket

Normally an easy walk my Waverley to Haymarket journey involved 31 miles with over 1600 ft of climb.  I am sure that even those of you not very familiar with the route between Edinburgh’s two rail stations will realise I did not take the direct route!

With a clear but cold day forecast I took myself down to my local station and boarded the train to Edinburgh my mission two fold could I book rail tickets for a journey to France in July and a route recce for Scottish Bike Touring.

Objective No 1 the answer was no, so back to trawling the internet trying to make sense of advance booking dates and timetables here and in France.  Objective two?  Read on…..

The day was to turn out to be a railway type of day the route I took used a lot of disused railway line and went thru a lot of old railway tunnels.  The first rail line is known as the Innocent railway and is picked up near the Commonwealth pool this is the old Edinburgh to Dalkeith line and is a popular route within the city for walkers and cyclists.  It is also part of NCR 1 which I would be on for a lot of todays route.  It may seem strange then that my vehicle of choice was my 29er.  All will be revealed.

My route took me past the Scottish Parliament building and Arthurs seat into the Innoent tunnel part of the old Dalkeith to Edinburgh line.  I followed this, which eventually becomes part of NCR 1 to Dalkeith onwards towards the Pentland hills, white with snow, in the distance.


Up and over an icy snow covered track to Currie then plain sailing along the canal to Haymarket and the train home.

A great day and one I look forward to repeating with customers of SBT!



Micro adventure

Fancy a day out on the bike  with a qualified guide?

Perhaps a longer trip?

Design your own adventure or go on one of our standard tours.

The choice really is yours.  Keep your eyes open for he Scottish Bike Touring website.

Interested? Can’t wait contact me via this site.

Scottish Bike Touring the website

Scottish Bike Touring is a new bike touring company hailing from Kirkcaldy in Fife.

SBT aims to deliver a range of standard tours from half a day to a week and to organise tailored tours to meet clients requirements.

SBT the website is under development at the moment and will be hitting the web soon.  In the meantime contact me via this site and keep an eye open for further news of SBT.

Happy cycling whatever your discipline!