Roam Scotland Rally. Decisions.

The Rally is looming ever closer. I have slowly been making some decisions and made some bookings. Unfortunately I haven’t done any field trials!

I have downloaded the RSR rolling route and have decided that I will stick mainly to that with some allowed off road deviations.

My steed of choice shall be the Genesis Tour de Fer mainly for the carrying capacity and comfort on the bike.

Sleep system is going to be my trusty alpkit bag, silk liner, Zephyros tent and my old but reliable thermarest mattress.

I have decided against a stove. There is not a great distance between refuel opportunities and I shall have more than enough carrying capacity to take what I need.

Navigation will be by Komoot on one device with a backup running ridewithgps, which is the organisers preferred package.

At the moment I have booked rooms on two nights and am planning on camping for the other nights either wild or on a campsite.

I am currently working on my “War book” and hope to do a test run of day 1 in the not so distant future. I shall let you know how that goes.


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