Woop Woop on TARMAC.

Twenty nine days since my hernia operation. The scar is healing nicely, I am massaging cream into it and can feel the scar tissue beginning to soften slightly, it’s about five inched long and might mean the end of my modelling career but thems the blows!

Last week I began to walk/run and as long as I reduce my stride length I am having no problems at all. In fact warming up and cool down stretches cause more problems than actually running! This week (w/c 29 march) I decided to do three proper runs and see how I feel. Watch this space.

On the cycling front I have been on the turbo since week two and getting thoroughly bored with it. I did get a best time for 40K which was a nice surprise. Today Carol accompanied me to the Fife Cycle Park where we had booked an hour so I could get a go on some tarmac. Even though I had been doing intervals I was sluggish and peching like an auld cart horse on the first climb. It soon came together though and by the end of the hour I was feeling really good. Back to the roads again tomorrow.

Yoga has stayed pretty much the same still some poses giving me bother so I just steer clear of them!

Next week I am going to start some band work very light resistance and see how I get on.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this wee series of blogs. If you know anyone that has undergone or is about to undergo the same op feel free to share this blog with them.


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