Twenty-one days post op.

Three weeks since my operation and I am happy to say that everything is still going extremely well.

I have been walking every day and last week, two weeks and 1 day after my op I got on my road bike albeit strapped into the turbo. Carol stood patiently by as I clambered onboard then left me alone to do an easy 30 mins. Since then I have been on my bike 6 times gradually increasing duration and it is my plan now to increase the intensity twice a week.

Yesterday March 23rd I ran for the first time since Nov. It was not fast, long or pretty but it was pain free! I mixed in a few walks and completed the 3.1 miles in 34:52. I lead a running group and it will be good to get back out with them. My intent with the running is to spend a few weeks running on alternate days increasing distance and introducing efforts and to get ready for my first marathon on June 6th. Covid permitting.

I am also returning to the yoga mat. Increasing the number and duration of sessions and mixing the styles. I have found that if a particular pose gives me problems it is better to settle into it rather than move into it,

Day to day living is almost back to normal with the only problem being the inability to lift any weight, it is really restricting! No shopping alone, no putting bins out and countless other tasks which previously you would have given no thought to are still frowned upon. It is six weeks, at which time the surgeon reckoned I would be at 80% of previous fitness, before you should be lifting anything heavier than a kitchen stool! Go figure that one.


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