Ten days post op.

So ten days on. How am I feeling and how am I progressing?

I am happy to say that nearly all progress is in a forward direction. Each day upon wakening I feel stronger and have more mobility in the hip/groin/scar area although it is still swollen. I no longer have a dressing on the wound and have some yellow bruising around the area. I did have a little setback on day 6 when I jarred the wound stepping backwards off my door step and further aggravated that when I attempted to lift a small bag of groceries! Two lessons learned.

Day eight saw a real increase in mobility and I am happy to say I can now tie my own shoelaces! On day nine I started to do some easy mobility exercises. I am walking every day although I tend to avoid any uneven ground. I am well known for tripping over my own feet even when fit and well. I have not tried to drive yet but next week I have an MOT, a vets appointment and a dental appt so I shall try and get in the car in the next few days. The main worry that was voiced to me was doing an emergency stop, if required, might not be very wise! I shall let you know how I get on.

Ten days, socks are gone!


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