48 hours post op.

It is 1030 Thursday 4th March exactly 48 hours since I was wheeled into the operating theatre for my op. I am happy to say the operation went well and the next thing I remember is coming to approximately 4 hours later feeling thirsty, hungry and slightly inebriated. The stage where everything is good in the world but you are one drink away from oblivion! After tea, buttered toast and a few bourbon creams I was encouraged to try and walk to the toilet which I did, rather gingerly it has to be said.

Carol collected me at about 4:30 pm and we headed home. I was still too doped up to feel any pain just an unsteady feeling on my feet and an ability to misspell any “I’m out” texts that I attempted to send.

Free compression socks!

I am following doctors orders and overall I would say that I am really pleased with the way things have gone. I do have Carol to make sure I do not overdo things and she is doing an excellent job at looking after me. I still have some pain meds to take and have been taking them as instructed. I have also been moving, again as instructed, some light easy walking for the first two weeks then see how I feel. I was also told that I could try the bike after two weeks although at the moment cocking my right leg to get on the saddle seems a step too far. We shall see.


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