Surgery during a pandemic.

I was first diagnosed with a hernia on 20th July 2020 the media was full of reports about the ever increasing time folks were waiting for treatments as the NHS geared up for COVID-19. All the reports proved true and treatment times increased many fold. My heart fell when I found out I needed an op but at first I did not realise the impact that having a hernia would have, even on everyday tasks.

It is now over thirty weeks since diagnosis and light is at the end of the tunnel a date has been made, an appointment to keep and an operation to have. As the weeks have gone on things have worsened. I have been unable to volunteer at Greener Kirkcaldy a local charity in case any lifting is involved. I have been unable to run for eleven weeks, I stopped mountain biking even before that due to the uneven terrain and now I only ride my bike in the shed where I am guaranteed a smooth ride 0n my turbo without the risk of an accident. The number of yoga poses I am able to do have also reduced.

Thankfully I have my SOSAD (significant other sharing a diary) who has been helping with chores I can no longer do or that I feel uncomfortable doing. Sadly I think this list will increase over the next few weeks before I can repay Carol for her help!

The pre-op assessment has been done and now, although not a requirement, I am more or less in isolation till the operation. #lesscontactlessrisk three days before the op I will get a C19 test and have to isolate then.

On the day of the op Carol is going to deliver me to the hospital and then pick me up a few hours later. I am getting a general anaesthetic which means that she has to stay with me overnight to make sure I am OK. Hopefully after 6 weeks or so everything shall be back to relative normality and I can drop this Mr Sensible persona.

I look forward to posting blogs of adventures and tours and not moaning for any longer about this hernia!!


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