One week and counting.

SEVEN DAYS FROM NOW I should be in bed having been sliced, patched then sewn up again and the thirty two week ordeal that has been a hernia shall have ended.

In those thirty two weeks my level of activity has declined drastically. I have not run for eleven weeks, short walks are generally ok, resistance exercises are done sitting down, my standing desk has become redundant, there are less and less yoga poses available to me without pain and discomfort and even household chores like emptying the dishwasher cause pain. My sleep has also been disturbed more from anxiety about the op than pain. This will be only the second operation in my adult life. Thankfully it only takes 40 mins and I will not know a thing about it.

The only pain free activity during all of this has been cycling, outdoor mainly, but since I got a date for my op I have restricted it to indoors on the turbo just to decrease any risk of accident or infection. The one exception has been a short tandem ride with Carol really enjoyable though short.

I don’t have a smart trainer or use any online apps. When on the turbo I read, gaze out of the shed window or listen to podcasts. Most sessions have been about the hour mark some slightly longer and some with intervals thrown in. One of the books I have read really puts the cut, patch and close procedure, almost like fixing a puncture, in perspective. It is called Life and limb and is the story of a young Scottish climber who, after a climbing incidents, gets both feet and hands amputated. Makes my hernia looks like really small beer!


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