Goodbye hernia.

At last a date for my hernia operation *******Drumroll^^^^^ first a wee summary:

  • First diagnosed on Mon 20th July told not to lift weights but could continue running, cycling and yoga till it hurt.
  • July to Nov completed two marathons.
  • Told to stop running 25th November.
  • Appointment at Victoria Hospital to see anaesthetist.
  • Wednesday 10th February phone call to give me a date for operation, 2nd March 2021 thirty two weeks and one day after diagnosis.

My operation is 19 days away and it can’t come soon enough. Although I can still bike and do most yoga poses I am getting pain more often and the only way to get it to subside is to lie down and it eventually goes.

Prior to the operation I will be tested for covid and then, assuming a negative result self isolate for three days.

I am looking forward to dropping the Mr Sensible persona and getting back to being 9! After a reasonable amount of recovery obviously.


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