Choose outside not in…..choose life.

Another great wee ride on the Ridley unleashed yesterday. No planned route just a desire to do 25+ miles with over 1000ft of climb. I did what I call an IT3 ride.

If ThisThenThat. Basically I shall be riding along and If the car in front turns left I shall go right, if oncoming traffic blocks right turn I shall go straight ahead. Its just a bit of fun but can end up taking you down some lanes or roads that perhaps you hadn’t been on.

It is great to get off the turbo. My first ride on it was 26th Nov and between then and 28th Jan I had 23 rides on it the longest of which was 62 miles. I don’t have some all singing all dancing Wahoo kickr just an Elite Chrono which is about 3 years old. I use that with wahoo speed and cadence sensors no Zwift, Sufferfest or Trainer road. My Ridley has been up The Alpe all 21 bends of it, Croix de Fer, Col de Madeliene and I have no wish to wander around Watopia. My Ridley tested on pav’e and ridden up some of the best climbs in France and Scotland.

I leave you with the words of Irvine Welsh, edited but I am sure he would share my opinion if he cycled: Choose outside not in, Choose wet not dry, Cchoose wind not fan, Choose sunshine not brightness level, Choose people not avatars, Choose pav’e not pain cave, Choose swifter not zwifting and Choose Suffering not sufferfest. Choose LIFE.


2 thoughts on “Choose outside not in…..choose life.

  1. I’m doing a lot of walking. Indoor exercise doesn’t suit me and the weather has reduced my cycling options so I fall back on the old reliable. Feels good to get outside every day 😊


    1. Indeed it does. At the moment I am doing all my riding indoors mainly due to the weather but I want to minimise contact prior to my op. rest assured as soon as I can I shall be outside again. Hopefully leading tours!

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