A Transalba 2 waterproof at last?

Last year I purchased an Endura MT500 waterproof jacket. Apparently tested by one Mr MacAskill in the Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately the jacket proved to be absolutely hopeless in anything more than a light shower. I returned the jacket to Tredz explaining my dilemma and I must say Tredz and I presume Endura admitted that yes the quality was not up to standard. I was not offered a direct replacement as the MT500 jacket 2 had been released and none of my type were available. The new MT500 was considerably more expensive than the original so I chose another jacket which Tredz duly despatched. I would just like to say that the customer service was excellent by Tredz.

The jacket I chose was the Endura Singletrack slightly less expensive, much more in your face colourwise and getting good reviews. First impressions are really good. I have worn it on a fair, warm day with no condensation forming inside the jacket, a slightly damp day with light showers which presented no problems and a worse day when it was “fairly chuckin it doon” as they say with both rain and hail once more no problems.

The jacket itself is a bright green base colour with camo style panels. It has a small chest pocket with an earphone grommet. This would seem fairly useless as my phone, a Huawei Pro, will not fit and there is no other cable management loops. There is two zipped side pockets of, what I would call, normal size unlike the MT500 whose pockets were absolutely huge. All the zips on the jacket have pulls and are easy to operate. There is also two pit zips. The jacket has a hood which can be rolled up and stored away. This does obscure vision partly and I shall have to play about with the rolling up.


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