Rapha 500 day 7

Day 7 a day of two halves. Up at 0800 and straight on the turbo for a fasted hour ride. Jump off give myself a “quick dicht” and a walk to my local chemist for the flu vaccine. I was advised not to exercise for 2 hours after the injection. I climbed back on the turbo at 1330 for the main ride of the day. A longer ride incorporating three minute and two minute intervals. No real science behind this it just breaks the monotony and gives me some cadence work. Stats are listed below.

Ride 1 stats Ride 2 stats

  • Dist 16.02 miles Dist 40.17 miles
  • Time 55:13 Time 2:19:52

Ride totals

  • Distance 256.38 miles (413 Kms)
  • Time 18:51:10

The road conditions for the last two days have been pretty bad but tomorrows forecast is looking a little better so hopefully I shall be able to cover the rest of the Rapha Festive 500 outdoors.


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