T’was the night before……The Rapha festive 500.

A visit to the hospital this Monday confirmed that I will be going “under the Knife” for my hernia. Luckily cycling is not on the naughty list just the be careful list! So looks like my first Rapha 500 will be on.

Being a cycle tour guide planning rides and routes are part of my working day, for this challenge and due to aforesaid hernia I decided to keep close to home and do themed loops to reach the total.

Day 1 theme a 6 mile loop of strava segments to clock up some legends in the East end of town. Day 2 same theme to the West of Kirkcaldy. The third day I intend to see if I can start to cover every street in my town. That is as far as I am looking at the moment.

I am planning to post every day during the Rapha Festive 500 so if there is anything you want to know or perhaps information you would like me to iclude just make a comment.

If you are doing it good luck.


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