Trans Alba kit update.

Two bits of news, first an update on my Endura MT500 (not so) Waterproof jacket. I returned the jacket to Tredz which was a pain free experience. A few days later I received an e mail confirming that the jacket was with them and would have to go through some QA tests with Endura. I was then informed that the jacket was indeed faulty and that I could have a new one. Unfortunately this was an MT500 Mk 1 which was discontinued and no longer in stock, the Mk 2 was considerably more expensive so I plumped for a cheaper jacket, Endura Singletrack, and a refund of some cash. Here’s hoping that this jacket does the job it is meant to. At the time of writing I am waiting on delivery of the jacket by TNT who are experiencing difficulties with their deliveries.

Second part of this blog is about a new kit test. My Ridley saddle decided to give up the ghost. It was not as comfortable as in the past and was starting to wear. I bit the bullet and decided to get a new saddle. I plumped for a Madison TT saddle mainly due to the truncated nose. It is also a bit narrower at the rear of the saddle. The Ridley is on the turbo at the moment, I have had a few rides on the new saddle gradually building up the time. Longest ride so far is 2 h and 21 mins which was comfortable. I will be lengthening the rides and possibly post an update.


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