Hernia update.

I thought I would just give everyone an update about my hernia.

I have done a second marathon, my Y in my A-Z, with the hernia. It would possibly be classified as a flat fast course but nothing is fast with this lump! However marathons are doable as long as I take it easy, stay away from hilly courses and as I found second time out limit my eating! I felt better at the end of this one than I did at end of my first and the only change, apart from the weather, was my eating regime. I had a big breakfast before my run and during it stuck to jelly babies and water. Although I felt some discomfort around the 3 hour mark this did disappear and I finished feeling fine.

It was 16 weeks ago that my GP uttered those words, just do your normal stuff and if it hurts stop but don’t lift weights. I have taken him literally and avoided all lifting whenever possible, still running, practicing yoga and cycling and up until earlier this week had only felt slight discomfort. I continually monitor what I am doing and what causes more discomfort so for instance moving from pigeon to swan in yoga is a no no whereas standing forward fold is fine! I can run fine but this week after cycle coaching went out for a walk and started to feel pain in my abdomen I headed home and lay down and everything was fine!

I don’t think I have a hernia I think I have a conundrum!!

So sixteen weeks and counting and the way things are going in Scotland with C 19 I shall be counting for some time.


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