Living with a hernia.

Not much to report in the way of progress since my first post on Harry the Hernia. Not seen a surgeon, do not even have a date for an appointment and with C19 it is probably some way away. So I am learning to live with my new mate Harry the Hernia.

Taking my doctor at his word I have been continuing to “train till it hurt” but at the same time trying not too encourage the pain demon to appear. With news that I do indeed have another marathon to run this year I once more changed my focus away from the bike and back to running.

So far I have managed to train learning some rules as I go. 1. Run once a day only with a minimum of 24 hours between runs. 2. Do not do hard runs back to back. 3. Uphill is fine but running downill shakes everything about. 4. Efforts are fine but be prepared to have a very easy day after the efforts. 5. It is better to train in the morning. 6. Do not “spin out” on the bike. 7. Running or biking time/distance is not the problem it is the effort.

I have been monitoring the lump and after efforts it does appear to feel different but it has stayed the same size as when I first saw it.

Stay tuned for another exciting update in the life of a herniated athlete!!!


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