Herniated happenings.

Five weeks ago I was doing my morning yoga and one of the moves was from downward dog into low lunge. I felt a slight pull as my right leg came forward but thought nothing of it and carried on with the practice. Later on during my run I felt a bit of discomfort in the adductor/groin area. Thinking I had just tweaked something earlier I carried on albeit at a slower pace and completed the run. As the day wore on everything seemed fine but every time I tried to exercise or stretch the discomfort returned. Despite resting it would not go away. Every day was the same fine in the morning and discomfort growing as the day wore on. Coming out of the shower I noticed a lump just under my appendix scar. I managed to get a doctors appointment and a hernia was diagnosed.

This all happened two weeks before I was due to run my X marathon, in my A-Z, when I asked the doctor about continuing cycling, running and yoga he just said to “do it till it hurts then stop” my kind of doc!

What have I learned in the 5 weeks since my diagnosis? I am in no way medically qualified but here is what I have found out about living and training with a hernia: 1. You can. 2. It makes no difference what you do after rising the hernia will appear. 3. Long strides when running increases the discomfort as does running downhill fast on tarmac. 4. Cycling does not seem to put as much pressure on it. 5. Some yoga moves should be avoided as should crossing your legs when you sit down.

My GP has recommended that I see a surgeon but when that will happen is anyone’s guess.

So guys do not ignore those little tweaks especially if you are a bit older. I am 62 train 6 days out of 7 and am not overweight. I did not expect to get a hernia!


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