Transalba kit test update.

If you have been following this blog you will know that I have two seat post bags. The first one I purchased was a Roswheel which failed miserably. I then bought a Crivit and on first test ride it performed quite well. This weekend I took it out again as I needed to take a delivery to my sister. I needed to release the straps as much as I could to accommodate the parcel which was large and unwieldy. Trying to alter the straps was a nightmare in my back garden never mind on a cold rainy night in the highlands. The end result was that the straps did not hold the pack up clear of the rear wheel and within a mile the pack had collapsed and began rubbing on the rear wheel and although I stopped immediately, when I took the pack off the outer shell had been rubbed through leaving a hole to the waterproofing. A bit of gorilla tape should fix that! I will get out on an overnighter soon and let you know how my kit stands up to things “in the field”


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