Purchases, planning and training.

Idle hands as they say.  These idle hands have continued to buy kit for whatever my debut event shall be in the ultra cycling world.  With Trans Alba 2 postponed till next year the possibility of other events being entered is high!

So what did my fingers find as they skipped along the keyboard?  A bivi!  The last time I used something like this it was called a basha and I was in the wilds of Dartmoor with 3 Commando Brigade!  Once more I chose a budget brand, Mountain Warehouse, which had enough of a rating to make worth risking some cash on.  At the moment my sleeping plan is to use the bivi with a mat, a silk liner and some extra layers.  Hopefully that will see me through the night(s).  Testing is going to have to wait for obvious reasons.

At the beginning of the year I had joined AUDAX UK hoping to get some short Audaxes in and gradually increase the distance as the year wore on, now we are in April and not one ridden.  Instead I find myself balancing Cycling and Running training with only one session available per day.  I am cycling 3 times per week, using a different N+1 each ride therefore mixing terrain and distance and, it has to be said, enjoying the variety of routes that this creates.  I am also using the rides to try and get a plug in for my town, county and Scottish Bike Touring.  I do limit my rides to within my county and no longer than 3 or 4 hours.  My runs I limit to 2 to 3 hours mainly due to the dim hope that when we come out of this some of my UK marathons might still be on!

The sun is shining and it is bike day so this blog ends here.

Stay safe.  Any comments welcome.  You can find me of fb at scottishbiketouring, twitter @fitfifertrainin, Instagram scottishbiketouring and on the web at Scottishbiketouring.com  Guided bike rides and public speaking a speciality.


3 thoughts on “Purchases, planning and training.

  1. Hi Jim,

    Nice to read the blog of another hoping to complete TransAlba 2.

    I hope your bivy suits you well, however, have little trust in the Mountain Warehouse brand – as I had same bivvy and did not find it as breathable as claimed and would always wake up wet. I try and (wild) camp monthly and have tried and tested many a bivy. I’d advise you return the Mountain Warehouse bivy. A fantastic, relatively cheap, bivy would be the Alp Kit Hunka and that, I believe, would suit you well and be used time and time again.


    1. Thank you Doo. Unfortunately being self employed, a bike guide, my purchases have come to an end for the present. I will give the MW bivvy a go and see how I get on.
      Take care.


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