Update on kit testing for Trans Alba (2021!)

I have already reviewed a saddlebag by Roswheel for this years Trans Alba and decided that it wasn’t for me.  So I went about sourcing another one at the same time as the Bikepacking specials were available in Aldi.

I purchased the Crivit saddlebag.  First impressions are very favourable.  Buckles are of better build quality than the Roswheel, one failed, and the material of the bag seems to be waterproof although I have not had a chance to test this yet.  The seat post fixing is less substantial than the Roswheel but a better strap set up means that the Crivit seems to be more stable.

The Crivit has bungees on the outside top as opposed to a small pocket.  In the unlikely event that it does rain some time soon I will update you aas to the performance of the bag.

I cannot believe I have all the gear and can’t use it!!



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