SBT-The beginning.

Scottish Bike Touring does what it says on the tin, but what are the origins of the company?

Until May 2013 I had never biked more than 60 miles most of these miles covered looking at the tarmac as I raced in triathlons and duathlons.  In 2013 I decided to do the LEJoG and thought that I had better get some serious miles in and get used to biking day after day.

Along came the Rat Race London to Edinburgh event.  Billed as 400 miles over 4 days the event is fully supported and all you have to do is erect and dismantle a tent at each end of the day and pedal 100 miles!  Done!

Two weeks later I was at Penzance ready to begin the LEJoG 1004 miles in 14 days!  Done!

It was during this trip that I got the touring bug, pedalling every day sometimes in the wind and rain and other days in the sun.  Pedalling along flat canal banks, through city streets and up hill and down dale.

I visited places I had never seen before unless it was from a speeding car now I could stop, learn about the area, buildings, famous sons and daughters  and take photos to remember the experience.

SBT aims to give it’s clients that same experience whether its a simple day tour down the Union Canal or a longer trip exploring the Western Isles.



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