Day 11 EdFoC 

My first EdFoC was to end as it had begun, on a grey, dry and calm day in the company of Jules and Martyn.  The route today was taking us down to the shore at Leith, along the South side of the Forth, across the Forth Road Bridge and onto the Fife Coastal Path which we would follow to Kirkcaldy.

We waited at the Parliament for a third rider who had expressed an interest but with a no show we left about 10 mins late and headed for London Road.  Our route took us through relatively empty city centre streets down to the shore eventually leading to Cramond foreshore.  The route then went through Dalmeny estate and South Queensferry and over the FRB.  It was interesting to see a section of the bridge being hoisted into position.

We headed down into North Queensferry for a tea break and a seat by the shore before continuing east on the Fife Coastal Path.   Jules and Martyn handles the mixed surfaces of the FCP well and in no time we were winging it along Kirkcaldy prom and up the the train station.  Well done JUles and Martyn.


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