Day 7 EdFoC

Woooo a day off today however Carol and I still headed for Edinburgh and the King of Kaimes hill climb.

I hadn’t been on my Ridley Orion in over two weeks and my last race was in March so to say I was a bit rusty was an understatement!

We arrived at the start early and I was second to register which meant I was second off at 30 secs past 1 min past 7 accurate or what!

Kaimes Road is a residential street in Costorphine Edinburgh and rises 213 ft in less than .4 of a mile.  The stats according to Strava, an av of 6.9 mph and 232w unofficial time 3:28.  A hard 3:28 but really too short to love or hate.

The event is organised by Harts Cyclery and you can enter on the night or by text, call or e mail.  It costs £5 and includes food and drink at the post event BBQ.

One for the diary next year and I might even do some training for it!


Author: Jim Taylor

I am a 60 year old Scottish cyclist. I run, bike, walk and do the odd race. I have taken outdoor qualifications and coach others. I am the owner of and guide for Scottish bike touring.

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