Day 5 EdFoC

Another dull and damp day and although it was raining when I left Fife it had stopped in the Capital.  I had one client booked for the tour so I headed to the Parliament with high hopes of taking someone on a tour.

I skulked about at the front of the Parliament building and at 1025 was joined by Mark an Army musician based in Edinburgh.  He had been to other EdFoC events and as this was his last chance for a day off had decided to come on this tour.  After itroductions we headed through the park and into the Innocent Tunnel.

He was a runner more than a cyclist so we took it nice and easy most of the ride with two stops for food and drink.  He enjoyed the descent down into Currie and says he will go back and try it on his road bike!  We parted company just before the basin and Mark headed home and I headed for the station.


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