Day 2 EdFoc

Thankfully although the day dawned at the same time I didn’t and was only 15 mins early for my train today!

Dull and grey with rain falling as the train pulled into Waverley I donned my jacket and headed down to the Scottish Parliament.

I did not have any clients booked for today and waited in vain for 20 mins under the eagle eye of one of our boys in blue.  No one turned up so I headed up the Royal Mile to the Fringe ticket office and grabbed some programmes for the Fringe.

I decided to head down towards Cramond and the River Almond Walkway and check out the diversion for the damaged set of steps, the rain had almost stopped by the time I got there so I tool my time and had a good look.  It seems that at least three of the timber supports had begun to rot away and looks like a lot of work is required.

Heading for Haymarket through Cramond I spotted a couple with bikes that seemed to be in trouble.  They had fixed a puncture but were having trouble with the back wheel.  I managed to adjust the brakes and get them on the road again.  My good deed for the day!



Author: Jim Taylor

I am a 60 year old Scottish cyclist. I run, bike, walk and do the odd race. I have taken outdoor qualifications and coach others. I am the owner of and guide for Scottish bike touring.

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